“This is a great dojo!”

“Aikido is a great martial art, and this is a great dojo. Heather Randolph’s classes are low-key and a lot of fun. They are a mix of beginners and advanced and all work together in a friendly collaboration. (There are also some separate kids’ classes.) Students pay their monthly dues and then can come to as many classes as they like. The location is great, a few minutes’ walk from downtown T stops, and in addition to regular classes there are all special weekend seminars and other events you can sign up for. On those days when students test for a new belt, the class usually goes out afterwards for a celebration dinner or drinks. When I moved to Boston 2 years ago I was lucky enough to find this place — regular exercise, a new fun skill, the sense of achievement in earning new belts, and a great group of people!”

Matt, Physician