FREE Aikido Class Saturday January 9th in Boston! 

NEW!  Start 2016 on the right foot and try Aikido!  Been wanting to learn martial arts?  Learn a system of personal development that will enhance your life in many ways!    Make the most of your weekend with our new Saturday morning Aikido classes! 

Aikido is modern Japanese martial art. Learn effective self-techniques while you enhance your physical fitness and learn Mind-Body Coordination! Is Aikido right for you?  Find out with a free trial class!  

Almost anyone can succeed in Aikido!  Aikido is based on natural movements.   We will help you learn the basics slowly and you will be guaranteed to learn effective self defense technique you can always use as well as how to feel better in every aspect of your life in just one class! Ready to get started?  

The facts: 

Saturday January 9 at 9:30am

33 Harrison Ave., 7th Floor

Transportation:  Walking distance to Orange, Red and Green lines.  In Boston’s Chinatown.


or e-mail to:

Can’t make Saturdays?  Classes are also offerred T-Th evenings at the same location.  Please check the website for schedule information.  And, We’ll see you on the mat!

 Every class begins with gentle warm ups, then continues with Ki Development training. The last hour is ususually devoted to learning self defense techniques anyone can do!  Learn Mind Body Coordination in a supportive environment.  Learn easy techniques that can help you lead a better life.  Students from 15 and up are welcome, there are no upper age limits!  Students can take advantage of any of the five classes available (other classes are offerred Monday-Thursday evenings) and attend from one to five classes per week!

About your instructor:  Kasia Michaels received her Shodan (black belt) and was qualified as an instructor in 2013.  She began her Aikido studies with Heather Randolph, Sensei, in 2007.  Kasia was born in Poland and came to the United states with her mother.  She also obtained a Phd in 2014 and now works as a scientist and lives just outside of Boston with her husband and daughter. 

Find out more!  See our web page for more information!  

Address:  33 Harrison Ave. 7th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts, 02111.