New Saturday morning Aikido class off to a great start!

Last Saturday morning, some students rose and showed up for a new Saturday morning Aikido class led by Kasia Michaels, Sensei.  The class starts at 9:30am, which is the perfect time for those who want to start off the weekend on the right foot or feet!  Antonia, who was in the class, says simply “we had fun.”

What is Aikido?  Aikido is somewhat like Yoga, but more fun!  Aikido is not like many other martial arts you may be thinking of such as Karate that focuses primarily on attacks.  Aikidoists generally do not attack unless attacked! Aikido is more defensive in nature.  Aikido is a mental as well as physical art.  Think of it as fitness for your mind as well as your body!

As a woman, Antonia feels vulnerable and states she feels that the exercise  and the self- defense moves she learns will help keep her safe in many situations, and builds her confidence.  Why not come see us next Saturday at 9:30 AM at 33 Huntington Ave in Boston’s Chinatown on the sunny 7th Floor for a free trial beginner class?  You’ll be glad you did!

contact the Sensei at for further information.