New Beginner Course starts this week!

Will you be checking off an item on your Bucket List or find a new and improved way of life this week?


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You don’t know if you don’t try, so why not start learning Aikido as soon as tomorrow?  Our class is both conveniently located near most majot T lines and is affordable.  Try a free class as the first beginner class and you’ll surely want to continue learning Aikido!

Not only is Aikido extremely cool, but you can grow internally as well!  Did you know that in Aikido class you can become stronger even as you grow older?  Find out how! You know how much time and thought you put into your retirement savings.  Well, don’t you want to be strong and powerful on the inside too by the time you get to spend all that money?  Instead of  saying “I was great” you can say “I am great”

No matter how old you are you can still learn Aikido. And you won’t have to head to the rocking chair when you are a senior citizen!

And you can even get a black belt!  In one class you’ll learn some easy self defense moves that can help you feel more in control in life!

I’ll see you on the mat!


Location:  33 Harrison Ave. 7th Floor

Included:  Uniform, Beginner’s Workbook and Student Manual

6 Weeks of Unlimited Training -5 Classes per week!

Beginner Course held Tuesday, Thursday and (optionall) Saturday


Please sign up at: